Accountant Service - HBIC: 60150

Agents / Providers

Atlantic Optical Frames



Bar Code Scanning Systems

Book Agency / Franchise

Book and Speakers Guide

Build easy wealth website

Build easy wealth franchise

Business Marketing Circle

Business Opportunity Model

Business Opportunity Websites

Business Opportunity Bulletin

Business Trade Group Listing

Business Trade Organization


Certified International Trader, (CIT)

Chat Rooms

Child Care Services

Circle Marketing Program

Condominium Conversion Association

Computers - HBIC: 45680

Computer Configuration Guide

Computer Vendor Participation Program

Conference & Meeting Room Rentals

Continental Master Sites

Cosmetic Products - HBIC: 18707



Decktron Computers

Desktop Publishing - HBIC: 65902

Diversified Business Organizations

Dot-Com Business Incubators



Editing & Writing - HBIC: 12692

Electronic Newsletter

Entrepreneurial Training Certificates

Exporters Incubator

Exporters and Importers Training Programs

Export/Import Management Company



Financing Services - HBIC: 25610

Franchise Feasibility Package

Franchise and Distributorship Development Services

Franchise Marketing Agency



Global Business & Trade

Global Cities Project

Graphics & Design Services

Group Marketing Services



Hair Care Products - HBIC: 36607

Healthcare Products - HBIC: 76210

Health & Nutrition Products - HBIC: 91010

Home-Based Advertising Agency - HBIC: 92100

Home Based Business Book - Website

Home Based Business Classifieds

Home Based Business - Computer Distribution Program

Home Based Business Day

Home-Based Business Franchises

Home Based Business IntroPack Mailers

Home Based Business Insurance

Home Based Business Mailing List - HBIC: 69100

Home Based Business Television - HBIC: 60206

HomeBiz Global Center

Home Business Computer Workstation - HBIC: 26500

Home Business Identify Classification, [HBIC]

Home Office Extension Services - HBIC: 20540

Holistic Health Care

Holistic Health Care Circle

How To Start a Home-Based Business Manuals



Industry ConnectBiz Program

International Trade - HBIC: 20675

Internet and Group Marketing Program

Internet HomeSite

Internet HomeSite for HBB's

Infinity Marketing System

Infinity Marketing Agency

Insurance - HBIC: 22000

Intranet Search Engine

IntraNet Television Network

IntraNet HomeSite System

IntraNet-TV  Search Engine

IntraNet-TV  Broadcasting Company

IntraNet-TV  Broadcasting Stations

IntraNet-TV  Computer Workstations

IntraNet-TV  Heritage Channel 

IntraNet-TV  Marketing Agency

IntraNet-TV  Virtual Graphic Studio

IntraNet-TV  Program Guide

Inventory Database Network



Leather Good & Accessories

Limited Partnerships

Live-In Investment Condomuinium

Legal Insurance Services - HBIC: 78930

Logo Design Services - HBIC: 22034



Membership Partners Program

Micro-Business Capital Exchange



NAHBB's Membership

National & International Computer Distribution Program

National Register of Home Based Businesses

Newsletters - HBIC: 12200

Niche Market Access Programs

Nubian Eyeglasses



Option/Plus Discount Saving Club

Option/Plus Program



Preferred Merchants Program

Product & Service Endorsement Program

Publication/Conference & Reference

Preferred Merchant Referral System

Preventive Health Care - HBIC: 60201



Regional Refurbished Computer Distribution Program

Resource and Support Guide



Secondary Career Options 

Self Publishing Services

Seminars and Workshops

Small Business Books

Small Business Consulting

Small Business Empowerment Books

Small Business Magazines

Small Business Network

Software - HBIC: 15100

Special Event Marketing

StarNet Portfolio Manager

State Companion Sites [50 states]

State HomeSite Guide.

Statewide Used & Refurbished Computer Systems


Supplemental Opportunities



Telephone Discount Program

Trade/Shows & Exhibits

Twin Bookstores On-Line



Utility Discount Service Program



Website Construction & BTG Listing

Worldwide Alliance for HBBs

Worldwide Internet Access System 


Youth Distributorship models -  HBIC: 36842

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