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"Companies must learn to operate as if the world were one large market-ignoring superficial, regional and national differences" writes Theodore Levitt in the Harvard Business review. He further states that there are, "differences in national and international preferences. Gone are the days when a company could sell last year's models or lesser versions of advanced products in the less developed world and gone are the days when price margins, and profits abroad were generally higher than at home".

Global competition spells the end to domestic market domination. Even small local markets, which used to be protected from distant competitors, feel the pressure. Companies that do not adapt to these new global realities will fall victim to those that do.

There are many manufacturers who make exportable products but are not selling them abroad. They lack the capital, knowledge and experience to market them internationally. Manufacturers by their "business nature" are conservative marketers, usually building outlets for their products over a long period of time, in many cases years. However, with the increase in foreign competition, they will have to use a more aggressive marketing style to compete in the new global marketplace. Small manufacturers are turning to global marketing networks to help them market their products/services abroad.

Innovative Traders

The speed and size of transport along with technological advances have accelerated competition in the global marketplace beyond the ability of most small companies to keep pace. Historically, international trade catered to large manufacturing firms supported by the government. Indeed the information needed to pursue trade abroad, came directly from government agencies and favored manufacturing with gross sales in excess of six million dollars.


This effectively shut out smaller firms and independent traders who might have  products suitable for international distribution but could not meet the government’s level of volume. However, in the expanding areas of international trade, there are substantial business opportunities for small and mid-sized companies.


Many small firms in the United States and other countries make products that are traded successfully in their home market. However, these firms lack an understanding of the financial resources and the staff needed to market their products globally. To do business internationally smaller firms must take advantage of the knowledge and support that will position them to participate competitively. They must seek qualified export/import agents with specialized marketing skills for the successful distribution of their products in foreign markets.


With increased competition the field of international trade has now shifted from the supply side, where the manufacturer reigned supreme, to the demand side where the market rules. The expanding global marketplace will provide greater opportunities for individuals who want to become international trade agents, brokers and/or establish their own global trade businesses.


Certified International Trader (CIT)
The Exporter Incubator's CIT training is taught through a home correspondence program. It is a 12-week training program that is especially designed for exporters and importers. Individuals who successfully complete this course will be awarded a certificate of certification by the International Association For Business Organizations (INAFBO).

Additionally, Independent Traders who complete the CIT training program have the option to start their own international trade business or stay within the International Traders Network (ITN). Top CITs are invited to join an affiliate export/import management company with an agency attached. These independent traders are trained to get exclusive territorial and marketing rights from manufacturers.

12-session Home Training Program
Who should attend: Individuals who want to work with manufacturers as their exclusive export/import agents or independent traders who want to start their own international trade business.

Foreign Trading Partner (FTP)
Foreign Trading Partner are CITs who is allowed to trade within the International Traders Network. They represent the ITN in countries other than the United States. The Home Training Program uses the same text as the classroom training program. (see Certified International Trader). Domestic and Foreign Trading Partners assist each other and are allowed to export their own products using the network. These innovative traders can help each other because they are innovative traders and are trained to use the same uniform trading policy. Domestic traders and FTPs are members of the same global network marketing system and can help each other locate distribution outlets and manufacturers who need representatives for their products in each home country.

Many are called but few are chosen
The Exporters Incubator training program is designed especially for individuals with no prior experience. Traditional training that allows an individual to study in a classroom and then get a job is no longer available to most people who want to enter international trade. Individuals who want to enter international trade as independent traders or start their own global business are looking to alternative methods of trading. Locating the right place to trade is perhaps the most difficult process because our traders graduate into a trade system in order to have the best chance to succeed. Many of our independent traders start part-time and are attached to an export/import management company with an agency.

Our Certified International Traders trade in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America, and can use our Internet HomeSite System Access System to trade in more than 150 countries. Our CITs are able to get more exclusive rights for their portfolio products than any other independent group of traders. To enter our training program one must have a basic understanding of trading and current global trading events. If you have decided that this is an excellent field to enter, the Exporters Incubator Training Program offers the best training program for you. To qualify for our CIT Training Program one must posses a special leadership quality. If you are the type of person who needs to cross all your "tt's" and dot all your "ii's" then international trade might not be for you. In the global market place there is no single law, but instead each country has its own laws. Each candidate for our training program must qualify based on their own background and experience.

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