Certified Traders Training Program


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Type of Program: Classroom [ ] Home Training Program [ ] Scheduled starting date:_________________ 

Any experience in international trade? _______If yes, explain:______________

Do you have any special rights to export or import any products at the present time?
If yes explain:_______________________________________________
Type of international trade are you interested in: ___ Exporting ___ Importing ___ Both - Exporting & Importing What countries are you interested in exporting products to or importing products from?
Name the countries in order of priority:
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After graduation do you plan to set up any other type of international trade business?
If yes explain;____________________________________________ 

After graduation do you plan to stay in the program and work as an independent Export/
Import Agent?_______________________________________________ or do you want to start your own business? _________________________________________________


The enrollee understands that this is a private International Traders Program, and that
no government endorsement or licenses will be granted. The enrollee agrees that if accepted
they will complete all assignments as outlined by the study guide. Upon the satisfactory
completion of the entire program the enrollee will receive a Certificate of Certification
from the International Association For Business Organizations (INAFBO).

The Certified International Traders (CIT) designation will entitle the enrollee to become
a member of the International Traders Network as a certified export and import agent. They
will also be able to trade within the Small Business Network's private trading system and
are entitled to all other benefits thereof. However, as a Certified International Trader
you must remain an active member of the INAFBO in order to use the International Traders
Network. The enrollee understands that the Exporters Incubator has the sole option to
accept or reject this application. 


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